Kiln-Dried, Premium, Domestic Hardwood for Flooring, Furniture & more!  


Located at 858 Scotland RD . Quarryville . PA  17566
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Groff & Groff Lumber has an extensive, ever

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*Fresh stock of 12/4 Butternut 300 - 400 Feet is available.


We carefully produce the finest domestic lumber in the country.

Groff &Groff Lumber is a specialty company with a large supply of kiln-dried, premium domestic hardwoods.  We also stock a number of imported and exotic lumbers, such as figured mahogany, genuine mahogany, wenge, etc.

Groff & Groff Lumber  .  858 Scotland Road, Quarryville, PA  17566  .  Phone:  800.342.0001  .  717.284.0001  Fax:  717.284.2400
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