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An Extensive, Ever Changing Supply of Lumber

FAS: 1st and 2nds. Mixed domestic hardwood lumber grade is for the highest grade of hardwood lumber. In most species a board must be 6" or wider, 8' or longer. Walnut and Butternut are the exceptions.

Select: A clear board that is too short or narrow to be FAS.

Common: (mixed 1 and 2 common) are boards that have too many defects to be FAS or Select. 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, etc.: Is the thickness given in fractions implies that the lumber is rough sawn 1/16"+ over the stated fraction. 4/4 = 1-1/16" and should finish to 13/16"5/4 = 1-5/16" and should finish to 1-1/16"6/4 = 1-9/16" and should finish to 1-5/16" 8/4 = 2" to 2-1/16" and should finish to 1-13/16"

Boule: A log live edge sawn and kept together in the order of sawing.

Flitch Matched or Book Matched: Sequentially sawn lumber from the same log.

Q.S. Lumber: Quarter sawn/vertical grained lumber in most lumbers will show flake.

Rift Lumber: diagonally grained lumber.

Board Foot: A unit of lumber measure that is 1" by 12" by 12". A board 1" by 6" by 2' equals 1 board foot. A board 2" by 12" by 12" equals 2 board feet. or to calculate board feet multiply (in inches) the thickness X the width X the length and divide by 144.

S2S: Surfaced two faces, add $.30 a board foot.

S3S: surfaced two faces and an edge, add $.45 a board foot. Plain Sawn: Lumber sawn parallel to the grain.

Extensive, Ever Changing Supply of Lumber

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